• National Youth Achievement Award

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The NYAA is an exciting self-development programme available to all young people between the ages of 13 and 30. It is a holistic, balanced and non-competitive programme of voluntary leisure-time activities, designed to provide our young people with a platform to develop personal qualities and skills to make a difference to themselves, their communities and the world.

You can join the NYAA Programme in two ways by following the steps below:

Online: (TBC)


1. Contact your school’s designated NYAA Award Coordinator or the NYAA Council and ask for an enrolment form. Alternatively, you can give us a call to express your interest to sign up for the programme.

2. Select your activities, fill in and return the form to your NYAA Award Coordinator.

3. Pay the registration fee - $7 for the Bronze level, $12 for the Silver level and $17 for the Gold level. (Kindly note that the fee is only a nominal sum to indicate your commitment in participating in the NYAA Award Programme.)

4. A Participant’s Booklet will be issued to you.

5. Begin your activities and record your progress in your Participant’s Booklet.

6. When you have finished the programme, make sure your Record book is completed and signed by the assessors. Assessors can be your teacher-in-charge or organisations that you have worked with for your activities.

7. Send your completed Record Book and Award Diary to your teacher-in-charge/NYAA Co-ordinator who will then submit it to the NYAA Council for endorsement. Upon approval, you will then be notified of when you will receive your certificate and badge.

You can proceed at your own pace and take as long as you like provided you finish the NYAA Programme before your 30th birthday. The minimum permissible period for completing the NYAA Award is 6 months for Bronze, 12 months for Silver and 18 months for Gold. However, most NYAA Award participants prefer to take about twice as long because this reduces their weekly load. Most NYAA Award participants spend between one and two hours on the Award per week, depending on the activity and their initial proficiency.

Yes of course! You can still benefit from the NYAA Award Programme because the conditions can be modified to accommodate your disability. However, there are no soft options nor lowering of standards.

There are many youth with disability who are NYAA Award holders and are actively serving the community.

The NYAA Award is a leadership development award that provides you with opportunities and platforms to develop your potential to the fullest.

1. It helps you discover interests and talents you never knew you had.

2. It gives you a certificate and a badge as a record of your achievements.

3. It is supported by both the Government and industry.

No, if you don’t belong to a group or an organization, you can still participate in the NYAA Award Programme as an independent candidate through the NYAA Council. However, many participants join through a group or an organization because it is more convenient and fun.

The NYAA Programme operates through many organizations such as uniformed groups, youth organizations, sports clubs, schools and educational institutions. There is almost certainly a group or organization near you.

Yes, you can. However, we encourage you to try out new things to enrich your experience and broaden your horizons.

The minimum age for entry is 13 years old. The NYAA programme is for young people aged 13 to 30 years old. We definitely welcome you to participate in the NYAA Programme when you have reached the age of 13!

Yes you may. In our Participant’s Booklet we have also suggested some examples of activities you can embark on for each section.

No. You cannot use past activities for the NYAA Programme. Only activities that you have undertaken after you’ve signed up can be credited to the NYAA Programme.

Depending on the type of activity you have chosen, your assessor could be an instructor, your teacher-in-charge, the award coordinator, a parent or a representative from the organisation you have worked with. If you cannot find an assessor, contact the NYAA Council and we will help you find one.

Yes, you can. If you have completed the Bronze Level, you can enroll for the Silver Level even though you are below 15 years old. If you have completed the Silver Level, you can enroll for the Gold Level even though you are below 16 years old.