• National Youth Achievement Award

Community Leadership Initiative

Community Leadership Initiative (Creating an impact, Delivering change)

For Gold Level Only

For the NYAA Gold Level, participants are required to undertake the Community Leadership Initiative :

This component challenges participants to take on leadership roles in their own community service projects. Participants are to identify a need in our community and through the understanding of cultural differences, find solutions to contribute effectively to bring about a positive outcome. Participants will have the opportunity to showcase their leadership skills as they work in partnership with people from various backgrounds to undertake a community project that will not only broaden their horizons but also trains them into culturally sensitive, service-oriented and holistic leaders. The newly remodelled section hopes to see more student/youth-initiated activities that bring positive and meaningful contributions to the community, be it on the national or international level.


To build leadership skills while serving the needs of the community. The Gold Level participant can embark on the initiative individually or in small groups.